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Hi, I'm Michelle!

 So happy you are here!


I am a psychic clairsentient medium, reiki master, angel/ oracle card reader, sound healer and mentor. 

As a clairsentient, Spirit speaks into my body through physical sensations that I then interpret for my clients. This is the predominant way loved ones who have passed, and angels speak through me. Because my intention is to work with energies of the highest vibration, the messages that I channel will always be for your highest and greatest good. My passion is to connect with your loved ones, and bring you comfort and validation that they are still very much with you, and have never left your side. I feel honoured to guide you though your spiritual journey, and to channel wisdom from those on your Spirit team so you may live your most inspired and expansive life.

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Spirit Scoop
Podcast Is now


I will be sharing all of my spiritual knowledge that I have learned and discovered throughout my development years and throughout my awakening. 


Follow along to hear about my spiritual journey, awakenings, connections with spirit. Along with interesting conversations with other spiritual light workers. 


Be sure to Subscribe to my NEW podcast. Would love a rate and a review <3

You can listen to Spirit Scoop on any platform that you listen to podcasts.

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Are you highly intuitive

Are you interested in developing your own abilities? 

Do you feel you have a strong connection with spirit? 

Are you completely new to this, but you feel a strong urge to explore more about spirituality but don't know where to start?

Are you wanting to learn how to connect with your own loved ones in spirit and understand how they send signs and communicate with you ?

Are you looking for a small intimate container to take your development to the next level ? 

Are you already experiencing supernatural activities in your day to day life?

If any of those apply to you then look no further.

I would be honoured to be your teacher and guide you along on your journey.  Depending on your needs, each mentorship container will be unique to you. 

Apply for 1:1 mentorship HERE


Sound Baths
are here!

Next Event- Nov 26th 1:00pm In Person Vancouver B.C

Cacao & Sound Bath Ceremony

A sound bath is a full body meditative experience while working with the chakras and helping clearing / balancing our main energy centres.

You can expect to be fully immersed in
waves of sound, as if you were being immersed with waves of water in the ocean. 

Sound healing can help you achieve deeper states of relaxation which can lead to improved moods, reduced anxiety, stress, and better sleep.

Follow soulconnectionswithmichelle on instagram to stay posted with upcoming sound bath dates. 

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Denise M

Michelle did an awesome job connecting to my husband! Prior to my reading I did some automatic writing and the word "butterfly" came up twice and my husband validated the word through Michelle clearly. There were several other msgs as well validations that were spot on. Michelle was very calm and focused during my reading and when it was over I felt as though I had an actual visit with my husband ❤ Thank you Michelle for a such great reading !

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Ashley R

Michelle connected with my Dad on the other side and described his personality so well. She brought through beautiful touching messages from him which really meant a lot. She connected with my grandmother and brought through touching messages. I felt so connected after our time together. I really appreciate the way Michelle brought through the messages in a gentle and loving way. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone looking to connect to loved ones on the other side.


Nicole C

Michelle was able to bring through a message for my 14 year old brother. The message was from his friend who had sadly passed before Christmas in an unfortunate accident in school. My brother had wrote a small message for his funeral. Michelle was able to pass on the message that the boy who had passed was very thankful of the gestures.  Michelle was also able to describe his personality and the type of character he was. It brought them all immense comfort in a tough time, especially my brother who was finding the grieving hard. I'm looking forward to my next reading with Michelle already!

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Brenda T

I felt at peace knowing that my loved ones are with me! The validation that Michelle gave me was WONDERFUL!! Knowing that my grandparents are part of every celebration and that they know what we do for them is great. Also validating the signs and synchronicities that have been showing up for me makes feels amazing! Thank you Michelle for this wonderful experience!

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