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Hey There

 About me

“What is Heaven?”

“Why did they leave me?”

“Why couldn’t she stay longer?”

“Is this goodbye forever?”


If you’re visiting here, then you may be asking the Universe the same questions I was when, at  7 years old, I lost my mother to an illness.


I did not grow up in a religious home, or have any idea what was possible after death. I had no spiritual foundation to turn to, no compass to point me towards Universal Love. Although my wonderful father tried his best, despite his own heavy grief, to help my siblings and myself through losing our mother, I felt alone, abandoned, lost, and unloved.


Soon after my mom’s passing, my father received a book that would be the beginning of a major transformation in my life. It was called ‘Talking to Heaven’, by James Van Praag. The words in this book opened my father up to the world of spirituality. He began to receive signs from my mother everywhere he looked, as

well as visitations, often at his bedside. He encouraged me to talk with her and look for my own signs that she was near.


It was comforting to hear what my father said, and I knew that my mom was still with me, but I struggled. I looked for love where love wasn’t, and I filled that deep void with perpetual busyness to try to make myself whole. Underneath all of this suffering, my dad’s words sat deep in my heart, patiently waiting, and I had a knowing that there must be something else out there beyond this life. I had heard of spirit teams and I quietly started developing a relationship to Spirit on my own, through meditation, workshops and reading everything I could get my hands on about spirituality.


But my own true awakening did not happen until I went to see a medium for the first time at the age of 18. The medium asked me if I had ever seen my mom in spirit. I replied that I hadn’t, but that I wanted to. He told me that all I had to do was ask. I rolled my eyes in disbelief. Had I not wanted to see my mother all these years? Had I not suffered without her? Just ask?! I felt like that’s what my soul had been asking and longing for since the day she went home, all those years ago, why would she suddenly show up now? But some forgotten hope in me stirred, and that night, after many years of waiting, I gently asked if she would appear to me…and I received a miracle. I saw her clearly in the reflection of my TV screen, sitting at the end of my bed. This was the night that changed my life.


What became clear was that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to reveal herself to me before this, it was that it was only now that I was READY to see; I was now ready for this part of my spiritual journey to begin. It was Divine timing. That asking, and experience of receiving cracked me open to the world of Spirit, and I have never looked back.


Seeing my mother in spirit that night was the catalyst for a whirlwind of experiences I had no reference for. I began lucid dreaming, seeing items in my home move, waking in the night to see the presence of spirits around me, and would dream about how those spirits who had come to visit me had passed. I dove into learning anything I could about what I was experiencing. My fascination was insatiable as I grappled to understand what was happening to me. I struggled with a myriad of emotions at this time, from fear to wonder and awe, and the deep desire and knowing that there was more for me to explore. I wanted to

understand everything I was experiencing in a tangible way. I needed someone to help me decipher this new language, or teach it to me!


It was then that Spirit led me to my mentor, the ‘Squamish Medium.’ Danielle Searancke was my first spiritual teacher, and guided me to understand my gifts, and develop them into powerful abilities that I now use to help support and guide others. Since then, I have had the pleasure of also learning from other incredible teachers,  Daniel John Medium, Michael Mayo, Kyle gray, Stephanie Kamille " The Medium in the middle" and Nikki Lawerence with the Monarch healing center. 


Every day, and with every reading I continue to grow and expand deeper into my abilities. I feel so grateful and so blessed to have this connection to the Divine, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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